A Day Full of Running

One of the things I love most about my life is being Aunt Nita.  I love having nieces and nephews, playing with them but being able to send them to their moms and dads when they misbehave.  Yep, it’s the best!

Most of my nieces and nephews live out of state, but I have one nephew and 2 nieces who live in the same town as me–my brother’s kiddos.  Candice is the youngest and hands down my favorite 3 year old.

004Isn’t she adorable?!

Candice was born with hearing loss.  You’d never know, though, unless you saw her hearing aids.  She goes to a preschool for hearing impaired kiddos where she’s learning to sign and working with a speech therapist.  That little girl can chatter with the best of them!  She has caught up to her peers in speech, and her signing is amazing.  She has so much expression in her hands.  It just blows my mind to see her sign.

Any who, as a fundraiser for this totally amazing preschool, the school hosts an annual run.  They chalk out a start and finish line, mark out the course in the parking lot with cones and let the kiddos run to their hearts’ content through silly string and bubbles.  Candice was a running machine!  Maybe one day we’ll get to run together.  That would be so cool.





I’m so glad I got to attend!  It was fun to be on the other side of the race, to be a cheerleader for these kids and their parents.  Yep, being Aunt Nita is pretty cool.

But then later that night, I found myself back in the runner position, ready to challenge myself to set a 5K PR.  It was the annual Cinco de Mayo run, the first race I ever ran 2 years ago, the run that flipped the runner switch inside of me.  I’ve been anxious to run it again to see how much I’ve improved.  I wasn’t sure how I’d do, since my pace has been a lot slower training for long distance running.  Plus, it was really hot, something like 80 degrees at 7 p.m.  Ugh.  I am really thankful for racerback tank tops!

My legs were sore and tired from a week of CrossFit, and as I crossed the start line, suddenly 3.1 miles felt like an endless distance.  By mile 1, I was already breathing hard, and my legs were sending me nasty messages.  But I really wanted that PR.  The halfway point came and went, and then, finally, we were down to 1 more mile.  I wanted to walk so badly, but I knew I’d be so mad at myself if I walked in a 5K.  So I talked to myself.  “Come on, girl.  You can do this.  You just ran a marathon, for Pete’s sake!  There’s only 1 mile left.”

Somehow I persuaded myself to keep going, and I crossed the finish line with a 5K PR at 26 minutes and 22 seconds.  I was still 4 minutes behind the third place finisher in my age division, but hey, a PR is a PR, and I’ll take it!

029So ends my adventure for last week.  Not a bad way to end the week!

How did your week go?

What’s one of your favorite roles in life?


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  1. Aunt Nita thanks for joining us at Candice’s run. We really love having you close by and able to be a part of such simple, yet special moments.

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