What I Ate on Vacation

So this past week, I got to spend about 5 days at the beach in Florida.  I’m not much of a swimmer and my skin does not like the sun, but I love walking along the beach, listening to the waves, watching the sunsets.  It’s a very relaxing atmosphere.

St. Pete beach 035But this was my first real vacation since I began this journey to health and losing a boat load of weight.  I was a bit nervous about how I would handle eating.  Would I be able to find healthy options?  Would I be active enough to keep up my usual calorie burn?  I didn’t want to be so caught up in the fear of gaining weight that I couldn’t enjoy myself; on the other hand I didn’t want to just throw caution to the wind.

We ate at beach front grills with names like Caddy’s and The Toasted Monkey.  Usually I like to look at menus and nutrition information before I go out to eat, but that wasn’t an option this week.  Instead, I had to rely on all I had learned about portion size and choosing the most healthy option.  To do this meal after meal would certainly test what I had learned.  How would I do?

For dinner one night, I chose grilled white fish, a healthy option, but it came with french fries and coleslaw, not so healthy options.  So I concentrated most on filling up on fish, and only eating bites of coleslaw and maybe half of the fries.  I have to say, those fries tasted so good.  I seriously cannot remember when the last time was that I had french fries.  It was hard not to eat them all, but I left the rest on my plate.

For other meals, I chose salads with grilled chicken, the dressing on the side.  When possible I chose fruit, snacked on nut and protein bars I brought from home, and just made sure to be active every day.  I ran 3-4 miles every day and then usually followed that with a walk along the beach with my friends.  Still, though, I found myself eating more white bread than I usually do (although that homemade croissant at Beverly’s for breakfast was AMAZING!), eating more french fries at John’s wedding (he had a slider bar–perfect for a beach wedding!), and just generally not eating as many fruits and vegetables as usual.  I came home afraid to step on the scales, sure that I had gained weight.

The moment of truth arrived.  I decided to see what the damage was, and the morning after arriving home, I stripped down and stepped on the scales, afraid to open my eyes.  Imagine my surprise when the number was almost exactly where it had been when I left!  I say almost exactly because it was actually almost a half pound lower, but you know, that may not be reflective of actual weight loss.

I was so relieved…and encouraged!  I had survived 5 days of eating out, eating things that I don’t normally eat and managed to maintain my weight.  To me, that just says, “You’ve figured it out, girl.”  Finally, I know how much to eat, and I can trust my judgment in making menu selections without the benefit of nutrition information.  Happy dance!

What is your recent success story in finding your healthy?

What are you struggling with in finding your healthy?

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