Marathon #2: 6 Weeks Down, 13 to Go

Monday.  The sixth week of training.  It already seems like forever, but there are still 13 weeks to go.  Even though I just went through this earlier this year, I’ve already forgotten how much time marathon training takes.  I’m already so tired.  And Mondays are tough with 5 hours of class straight from a 12 hour night shift.  Following class on Monday, I got a nap, did my homework, caught a CrossFit class and headed out for my first Pathways group run.  Pathways is the training group I joined to provide some accountability to get my weekday runs in.  Monday runs are supposed to be recovery runs, but this first night was a one mile time trial to fit us into the right pace group.  I wound up placing in the fastest pace group, so our run was NOT recovery pace for me, although it felt great!

Tuesday.  CrossFit at 5 a.m.  Class. Homework.  Track.  My days seem to all be falling into a similar schedule, but when it comes to track nights, that’s probably a good thing.  It’s becoming just what I do on Tuesday nights.  The struggle to get there isn’t as tough, even though the workouts still kick my butt.  Today was extra tough, though.  That fast run yesterday after CrossFit and a CrossFit WOD this morning that obliterated my legs had me feeling like I was dragging posts of lead tonight.  Plus, I just felt kind of sick…nothing serious, just off.  I decided to make tonight my recovery run and just ran slow laps on the outside of the track.  I did a few strides but just trying to break 9 minute miles seemed tough!  But hey, I got my miles in.

Wednesday.  CrossFit at 5 a.m.  Class. Homework.  No running but dinner with friends.  Tonight, instead of running, I met up with some friends for dinner.  One of our Egyptian friends is in town for a few days, so we got to hang out with her for a bit.  So much fun!

Thursday.  Today I was supposed to run a tempo run, but I’m still feeling really sore and tight from CrossFit this week.  I’ve decided to make today my rest today and run tomorrow.  I know I said that last week and it didn’t happen, but I’m determined to make it a reality this time.

Friday.  I took clothes to work and as soon as my very busy shift ended, I jumped into my running clothes and headed down to the river.  My plan was to get in 5 miles at tempo pace.  Well, I got my 5 miles in but it was way under tempo pace.  I felt so sluggish and tired, and m007y legs were so tight.  I’m thinking maybe lack of food and sleep didn’t help, but I ran, walked when I needed to, and found a really cool bridge to run along.  I love running along the river.  I can almost forget I’m in a city.  All in all, though, today’s run was a disappointing, very bad no good run.  Bleh…






Saturday.  I woke up at 1:30 a.m. to thunder and rain, but by the time 6:15, run start time, rolled around, the rain had stopped, leaving behind some much cooler but extremely humid air.  We ran 14.5 miles today.  011My legs were still so tight, but I kept up with the pace and had to pull myself back to keep from running too fast.  I guess that’s a good sign???  At one point during the run, I slipped on a patch of mud on the road and nearly fell.  Exciting times!

Then, back at the running store after our run, lots of surprises awaited me.  One, there were bagels and cream cheese!  Oh, yeah.  After 14.5 miles and burning 1300 calories, any food tastes AH-MAZING!  Then, there was a sale on Feetures running socks.  I’m a Feetures girl.  They are the only running socks I wear.  009Feetures reps were in the store today, so I did the buy 3, get 1 free sale.  And then by showing my receipt to the Feetures rep, I got another free pair.  I found myself telling the rep, sincerely, how much I loved Feetures socks and that they’re the only ones I wear, and he threw in another free pair!  How about that?  Sweet!  Seriously, though, Feetures are pretty great.  I’ve worn them for every race distance from 5K to marathon and have NEVER had a blister!  (And nobody’s paying me for singing their praises; I just really like them.)  On top of that, I won a packet of Skratch drink mix in an in-store raffle!  Pretty cool ending to a semi-tough run.008So another week down.  Overall, not a bad week of training.  I’ve been a little more tired and sore than I’d like, but I did get in 29 miles this week.  So what do I need to do differently next week?

  1.  Evaluate my cross training.  Do I need to cut back on CrossFit or just go lighter on the weights?
  2. Get my weekly runs in, but make sure they are varied.  I kind of feel like every run was basically the same this week.
  3. Keep trying new run nutrition.  Today I tried key lime flavored012 Accel gel.  The taste was probably my least favorite so far, but I didn’t hate it and still tolerated it great.  I also tried some peanut butter crackers today.  Score!  I’ve been looking for some kind of portable “real” food that wouldn’t taste sweet when I need some energy but just can’t take the sweetness of gels anymore.

Talk to me:

What’s the best sale you ever found?

Ever won a prize in a raffle?

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