Marathon #2: On to Week 9

Monday.  Labor Day.  No school!  Yay!  It felt strange coming home from work and taking a nap instead of rushing off to class, but I liked it!  I was looking all kinds of forward to getting a recovery run in and maybe having time to take my bike out for a spin.  I haven’t had time to cycle since school started.  Unfortunately, I tweaked my ankle on our run Saturday, and all day my ankle just felt stiff and kind of sore.  I decided the prudent thing to do would be to rest it.  Nuts.

Tuesday.  No class again thanks to college transfer credit for the subject we’re studying this week.  I’m looking forward to a week off, but my ankle is NOT happy.  Walking is a bit painful today, although my ankle doesn’t seem to be swollen.  I guess I’ll do the RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) thing and see what happens.  Another day of training missed.  Growl…002Wednesday.  What do you know?  RICE does work.  My ankle actually feels pretty good today.  Even though I don’t have to go to class, I decided to go in for the gym time.  Since I don’t have to lug my backpack, I decided to run the 2.5 miles to school at recovery pace, do the workout, and run recovery pace home again.  My ankle felt fine after the run, just a little stiff, so I decided to catch up with my weekday running group for a tempo run tonight.  Another 5 miles, but this run was much faster at about a 9:15 minute/mile pace.  I guess there’s nothing like squishing all my runs into one day, uh?

Thursday.  Since I have to work tonight, I slept in today.  I’d like to make up the speed workout I missed on Tuesday, but I’m feeling like my legs need a bit more recovery from my 10 miles plus strength/cardio workout yesterday.  Hopefully, I can get the speed run in tomorrow.

Friday.  Well, so much for getting in that speed workout.  Thursday night’s shift was brutal.  My 12 hour shift turned into 13.75 hours of constant motion.  I got home absolutely exhausted.  After a 3.5 hour nap, I dragged myself to an appointment, feeling sick from lack of sleep.  I made it back home after a few hours, collapsed on the couch, and woke up at 10 p.m., deciding maybe I should just get in my bed.  So much for running today.  Grrrr…

Saturday.  My favorite runs of the week!  The run started off wi001th temperatures in the 60’s.  Love it!  While it was super humid, there was a nice breeze for the entire run that kept me feeling nice and cool.  We went an easy 15.09 miles, and I felt like I could’ve gone another 5 or 6 miles.  I love runs that end like that!  Today, I added mustard to my nutrition plan.  I was a bit nervous, but eating a packet of mustard wasn’t that bad at all.  In fact, following a packet of super sweet Gu gel, the tang of the mustard kind of tempered that overwhelming sweetness.  Good day all around!

So what do I need to do differently next week?

  1.  Keep getting my weekly runs in!  Unfortunately, I missed another run this week, but I’m determined to stick to the training plan and get those runs in next week.
  2. Try peanut butter crackers and mustard in a race situation.  Next Saturday, instead of our weekly long slow distance run, we’re running a race.  I’m doing the 5K distance followed by a quarter marathon distance (6.55).  A shorter race should be the perfect time to see if I can manage eating a cracker and a mustard packet on the run.

Talk to me:

What progress are you making in meeting your goals?

Which would you rather eat:  mustard or pickle juice?

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