Marathon #2: Week 10, 63 Days to Go

It’s not like anyone lives to read my blog posts, I’m sure, but still I feel like I’ve neglected my little project here.  With time stretched thin, something has to go, and unfortunately, this week, it was blogging.  But, hey!  It wasn’t running!  Here’s how the week shaped up:

Monday.  Another week.  Five more hours of class on no sleep.  Today became my rest day.  I just couldn’t get myself out the door.  But I got some studying done with the help of my sweetheart, Sunny.006Tuesday.  I caught a CrossFit WOD this morning, then…track night.  My favorite, NOT!  But this week wasn’t too bad.  We ran ten 400 meter laps, and the temperature was mercifully a little cooler.  Running 400s is not too bad; it’s the distances longer than 400 meters that make me want to curl up in a ball and die right there on the track.  With a warm-up and a cool down, I ended up logging 5 miles tonight.

Wednesday.  Another 5 miles in the books!  I ran with my intermediate group which ended up being a tempo hill run.  We always run tempo pace compared to my marathon base pace, but keeping that speed while going up hills was a bit challenging after all that speed work last night.  But I did it and came out feeling strong.  Maybe it was that email I got that reminded me the marathon is just 66 days away.  Yikes!  There’s nothing like a reminder that the race you’ve set your sights on is just around the corner to make you determined to run your runs and run them strong!

Thursday.  After all that fast running and all those hills (believe me, Tulsa has some hills!), I decided to make today my recovery run.  I was going to run outside when the sun started to come up, but I woke up early and with the threat of rain, I just jumped on the treadmill, set it at recovery pace, and knocked out 6 miles.

Friday.  After all the gym time my classes require, CrossFit and running this week, my quads were super sore.  I usually take a few more r016est days when I have a race that week, but not this time.  So I spent some time with my good friends, gemini and super nova ball, rolling out those tight legs.  I followed that with a soak in some epsom salts with menthol.  Lovely!  I’ve never tried this brand before but the menthol is very mild and left me feeling very refreshed and not nearly as sore.009Saturday.  In place of our long run today, we participated in a local race for a quarter marathon time trial.  I decided to double and do the 5K distance followed by t011he quarter marathon (6.55 miles).  My strategy was to use the 5K as a warm up and race the quarter, but I ended up running a bit faster than I’d intended to in the 5K and still racing the quarter.  But I PR’d my quarter marathon coming in at 59 minutes and 52 seconds!  Yes!  To do that after running  3.1 miles, with semi sore legs (they felt a lot better when I woke up), and on a course with hill after hill the last 3 miles, I’m pretty happy.  And I got this nifty water bottle for doing both races!015So…I’m fairly happy with my training this week.  I didn’t try nutrition during the race today as I’d planned; my stomach just wasn’t feeling it.  I think it had something to do with pushing myself in 75% humidity.  Ugh.

My goals for next week:

  1.  Stay focused mentally.  I need to keep those 63 days in mind and remember I don’t have much time left to train.
  2. Really focus on trying new nutrition again.  I want to try some chews to see how that goes over instead of just gels.
  3. And of course…RUN!

Talk to me:

What new and exciting thing happened this week?

How did you make time in your busy schedule to get some exercise in (because I know you did, right? 🙂 )

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