Marathon #2: Week 11 in the Books

Monday.  Another Monday.  Another week of training.  Another bleary eyed start to the week.  Today was especially brutal in the sleepy department.  I could hardly stay awake in class, and needless to say, my recovery run didn’t happen.

Tuesday.  It’s amazing what a good night’s sleep will do for a body!  We had a leg workout planned for class today, and since I still had homework to do, I skipped CrossFit.  But hello, legs!  I decided to go all out on my last set of deadlifts and hit a deadlift PR at 135 pounds! Tonight at track, my hamstrings were protesting, and I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to run fast.  The track workout was 8 x 600.  I usually struggle to run any distance over 400 meters at track pace, but I knocked out those 600s without a problem.  Yay!  Maybe I am getting stronger!  The icing on the cake was getting to celebrate my niece’s fourth birthday after track.001Wednesday.  Holy sore hamstrings.  Walking is a challenge.  I’m not sure how I’m going to run tonight, especially after that CrossFit WOD this morning that had me running (or more like shuffling) 100 meters while holding a 45 pound kettlebell… I decided to run a slow couple of miles before our group run tonight in the hope of loosening up my hamstrings.  It worked a little.  Our group run was 4 miles at tempo pace, so I got in a total of 6 miles.  I’m not sure my legs would have carried me much further.

Thursday.  Wow, I am really second guessing the wisdom of that set of super heavy deads.  My hamstrings are still super tight.  But I decided to get my recovery run in as soon as class was over.  I knew if I went home first, good intentions wouldn’t be enough to get me out the door again.  I was hoping to get 6 miles in, but even with walking intervals, I only got in a little over 5 miles.  My legs just couldn’t take it.  And 005I know that just as important as getting in miles is listening to my body.  I don’t want to push myself too much and risk injury.  Plus, it was super hot.  I wound up with this interesting sunburn.  Fun way to go to work…004





Friday.  Finally a rest day.  My legs don’t feel quite as tight and sore, but all the same, I’m glad I can just rest today.  Rest and roll.  That’s all I did.  Seriously.

Saturday.  My legs felt almost normal when I woke up, thankfully.  I’m not sure I could have faced a 13 mile run with sore legs.  It took me a while to wake up, but once I found my rhythm, it was a pretty good run.  It was stinkin’ humid, but there was a nice breeze that made half marathon distance bearable.

All in all, it was a fairly uneventful but solid week of training.  I got in a total of 27 miles.  What do I need to do differently next week?

  1.  Stay the course.  Focus on the goal.  Be determined to get those runs in.  (I see a lot of pep talks in my future over the next few weeks!)

Talk to me:

My niece had a Flash themed birthday party.  Who’s your favorite super hero?

What’s the worse sunburn you’ve ever had?

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