Marathon #2: On to Week 13

Monday.  It began like any other Monday, bleary eyed from a long night shift walking into the gym to begin another week of classes.  Today’s class workout was a BOSU ball workout.  Totally kicked my butt.  I have my runs figured out to get 37 miles this week.  Today is recovery run day, but unfortunately, sleep overtook me when I got home from school, and I didn’t even get a single mile in.  Stink.

Tuesday.  Determined to make up my recovery run from last night, I ran to CrossFit, hit a back squat PR at 125 pounds (finally, passed the body weight mark!!!), and ran home, taking the long way home to get in close to 6 miles.  Next, our class workout was a tabata of 3 circuits of 4 exercises each.  Tabata is 20 seconds of work, going as hard as you can, followed by 10 seconds of rest for 8 rounds.  Holy cow, I thought I wasn’t going to make it.  When I got home, my left knee was bothering0124919d68ca4cbdbd95b201b2a1a8eb4e562bb43a me a bit.  It’s been bothering me off and on for months now, but lately it’s been acting up a bit more.  So I sat on the couch and caught up on Netflix while I iced that aching joint, hoping I’d be good to run speed intervals at the track tonight.  Well, I went to the track with my knee still hurting, hoping an easy lap or two would be enough to shake it off.  No such luck.  After a mile, it was still hurting.  I decided the prudent thing to do would be to not run, especially to not run fast.  Stink again.

Wednesday.  That darn knee is still hurting.  CrossFit was all abs today, so I did that workout followed by a back and shoulder workout for class.  I bailed on our speed and agility drills outside and just walked the parking lot.  I am too close to the marathon to risk injury, and I’m afraid if I keep pushing an already slightly angry knee, I’m going to push myself right out of the race.  Another stink.  But things felt better after more rest, ice, and ibuprofen, so I ran 7 miles tonight at tempo pace with my intermediate group.  It was a tough run.  Summer has reappeared, and my legs were just obliterated from CrossFit, but I managed to get ‘er done with only a brief walking break.

Thursday.  Still hurting.  I decided kicking in our kickboxing class would not be wise.  I threw the punches and then jumped on the stationary bike for a bit.  Even that motion bothered my knee.  It looks like no running again today.  Stink, stink, stink.

Friday.  The knee’s still talking to me.  It’s not excruciating pain, but things definitely don’t feel right.  I felt twinges all night last night at work.  So aft01b72a292dbbd7f16346c79441376e9840c24cdb8cer a nap, I went to my chiropractor appointment for other lingering issues and the issue of my knee came up.  He thinks it may just be tight quad muscles, thankfully.  So he did his thing, and I did the stretches he gave me.  No running again today.  Stink, yet again.

Saturday.  The knee feels better.  It’s not 100% but I ran basically without pain, thankfully.  Today was our first really fall like run.  I traded in my tank top for a short sleeved t-shirt and debated (and eventually decided against) wearing a jacket.  Temperatures were 40 something, but I knew I’d warm up quickly.  And I did, but those cool temperatures stayed with us for the entire 13 miles, making for a pretty sweet run!  Today was supposed to be a race pace day, when we run our training miles at race pace.  We were a small group today, though, just me and the guys, so we pushed the pace and for most of the 13 miles kept around a 9 minute/mile pace, which is much faster than marathon race pace.  It felt great!  And I tried bonk breakers again with no problem.  Things are looking up!01e37fb0e4ad354246e0686d5d8571856e7f52f012So a kind of disappointing week of training.  I fell quite short of the 37 miles I was going for, but the next 2 weeks are crucial mileage weeks, and if I can be healthy for them, backing off this week will have been worth it.  My goals for next week:

  1.  Roll and stretch…a lot!
  2.  Shoot again for 37 miles.
  3.  Plan my marathon nutrition and try it out on next week’s long run.

Talk to me:

What are you working on this week?

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