Marathon #2: Week 12 — Already???

Good grief.  Here it is time to post week 13 and I’m just getting around to updating you on week 12.  Sheesh…Well, better late than never.  Here’s a recap of week 12.

Monday.  It’s hard to believe it’s the beginning of week 12 of this marathon training session.   In some ways it seems much longer, but then again, I think how can we be this far in?  This Monday wasn’t as tough as  some Mondays.  Maybe the cooler fall like weather helped.  I was actually looking forward to my recovery run, and I was having such a sweet run, I tacked on an extra mile (well, close to a mile).  I tried some bonk breakers on my run, not because I needed the nutrition but just to try out something new without having miles and miles left if it doesn’t agree with me.  I did fine with them and am planning to try them out on my long run Saturday.img_1244

Tuesday.  Track day.  And today the schedule calls for 3-4 1600s.  That’s 3-4 really fast miles.  I was NOT looking forward to it, but because the evening track session was canceled, I went in the morning, when it was nice and cool.  Maybe it was the cooler temperatures, although I’d like to think it’s because I’m getting stronger, but I ran those 1600s with no problem.  Sure, I was winded and ready for a break at the end of the fourth lap, but I was able to sustain the pace without struggling as much.  That made me insanely happy!

Wednesday.  As part of my fitness and health trainer program, we get to take lots of field trips to try out different forms of exercise.  Today we did Bikram Yoga.  Hot yoga.  That was definitely a new experience for me.  It’s basically doing 90 minutes of yoga in a sauna.  Yoga is humbling to me.  It makes me realize how much work I need to do in the flexibility and balance department.  So while I sweated buckets during the yoga session, I felt invigorated and relaxed, like I’d had a nap, when it was over.  That night I ran with my intermediate group for a tempo run and got in another 6 miles.

Thursday.  I’ve been having really great runs this week, feeling good, loving the weather.  Fall is definitely in the air, and the cooler temps and lower humidity just make me feel like running!  I had to actually tell myself that I couldn’t run today. I try to only increase my weekly mileage by 10% to avoid injury, and with 18 miles under my belt already this week and a 16 mile run coming up Saturday, I’ll be over 10%.  So as tough as it was, today I rested, aside from the kickboxing we did in class.

Friday.  Another rest day, but it wasn’t so bad since I had to work last night and felt super tired.  Today was a day of multiple naps!

Saturday.  Sixteen miles!  My longest run of the season, and it felt great!  img_1256It makes me believe I might actually be ready to run another marathon.  I tried mustard again today.  I’m finding that eating a packet of mustard after a super sweet packet of Gu really isn’t so bad and is, in fact, a nice change from all that sweetness.  I also tried another round of bonk breakers.  And…no problems!  Yay!  I really like them.  They’re not as sweet as other energy gels, and while they’re sticky, the residue left on my teeth dissolved quickly.  I’ll definitely be trying more of them.  Today after my run, I met my family at the zoo.  It was Asher’s first time at the zoo.  He found Nemo in the fish tank! 01fb77c83e3947d4cd4e575f82a58aaf220ab5e513 Unfortunately, I could only stay for a short time since I had to get some sleep before heading into work for my 12 hour night shift.  But still, a fun ending to a great run!

So another good week of training!  I ran a total of 34 miles.  I’m headed for 40 miles/week, so this week gives me confidence that I can do it and will be there in about 2 weeks.  Then, it’ll be maintaining that mileage for the next month before tapering starts for the big day.  Starting to get excited…kind of.

My goals for next week:

  1.  Try a different flavor of bonk breakers.
  2. Shoot for 37 miles, total.
  3. Roll and stretch.  My left IT band has been nagging at me, telling me I haven’t been rolling or stretching enough lately.

Talk to me:

Do you think including balance and flexibility exercises in your exercise routine is important?

What’s your favorite animal to visit at the zoo?

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