Marathon #2: Week 14

Monday.  Today after class and a nap, I found the energy for a recovery run.  I can feel fall in the air, and the cooler temperatures just make me itch for a run.  I haven’t run by the river much lately, so I headed down to the river trails and had an absolutely delightful 7 mile recovery run.  Way to start off the week!  I tried some Huma gel, not really because I needed but just to test new nutrition without having miles to go if I cramp up.  I tried the strawberry flavor which was basically like eating pureed fruit.  My stomach liked it, so I’ll be trying it again.015Tuesday.  The track is closed tonight for another event, so we ran 400 meter sprints in a neighborhood.  That felt strange, especially since the last 100 meters or so was an incline.  I pushed hard and found myself running those sprints about 5-10 seconds faster than usual!  That made me insanely happy.  I’m not sure if it was the weather or just the fact that I’m getting stronger, but I’ll take 1.5 minute 400s!  I topped off that speed with a couple of slow miles for 4 more miles tonight.

Wednesday.  Leg day at school.  Body weight or near body weight deadlifts blew out my legs, so facing a 7 mile tempo run tonight seems a bit daunting.  Thankfully, the hills were kept to a minimum, and even though my legs protested the entire way, I hung on to tempo pace for the entire time.  It was cold tonight, too.  I wore a long sleeved t-shirt for the first time this training season and was perfectly comfortable.  Maybe fall really is here.

Thursday.  Field trip day at school.  We visited a gym to get exposure to another type of training.  The workout was basically a circuit, with each circuit a set of 4 different exercises.  We went as hard as we could through those exercises for 3 minutes, rested a minute and then repeated that cycle for 3 times before moving on to the next station.  The station my group started with included tire flips.  I was super excited!  I’ve been wanting to try flipping a tire but had never had the opportunity.  I found a 190 pound tire and went at it.  Fun times!  No running today.  I’ve already got 18 miles in and with 18 on the schedule for Saturday, I don’t want to risk injury by running too much.  I tried to get some studying in, but it’s hard when you’re being used as a pillow!014Friday.  Naps and more naps following work.  Yep.  That’s how I roll on a Friday.

Saturday.  We’re down to only 2 really long runs before race day.  That’s hard to believe.  Today we ran our longest run of the training season, 18 miles.  Temperatures were nice and cool but still warmer than during the week.  One thing I really love about starting runs at 6:15 a.m. is watching the sunrise.  Today was cloudy, so we didn’t see much of a sunrise, but here’s a sample of what we get to see.  002Anywho, I decided to go with shorts and a tank top today and discovered I was dressed perfectly.  It was a good run.  I got tired quicker than I would have liked.  Around mile 13, I started to become aware of how tight my legs were and feeling stiff.  Had I been alone, I would have walked, but that’s why I’m thankful I have a group to run with.  I kept going, focused on my music, remembered why I do what I do, and eventually, I started to feel a bit better.  Still, though, I was happy to see the store at the end of mile 18.  I’m just not sure how work’s going to go tonight…being on my feet 12 hours after an 18 mile run???  Either the activity will help work out the soreness or I’ll just curl up in a ball when I get home in the morning!  It’ll be an adventure.

I’m happy with training this week.  I got in a total of 36 miles.  I should be on track to get 40 next week.  I’m getting my nutrition plan worked out.  I still have one more type of nutrition to try next week, but I’m starting to feel optimistic about running another marathon.  My goals for next week:

  1.  Run 40 miles total.
  2.  Try one more type of nutrition.
  3.  Stay focused.  C’mon, girl.  There’s only 5 weeks left!

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