Marathon #2: Week 15 and the 20 Miler!

Geez.  I’m a week late again, but I can’t NOT update you on my last big training week of the season.

Monday.  Here it is.  It’s the week of our last long training runimg_1258, the week I’m hoping to hit the 40 mile mark.  I started the week in typical bleary eyed fashion, but lunch and a nap later, I headed out the door for my recovery run.  I decided to run down by the river and had a great run.  There’s something about cooler temperatures that just put a spring in my running stride.  I also tried a Hammer gel tonight–apple cinnamon flavor.  Wow!  So good.  It was seriously like eating a slice of apple pie without the crust.  And it didn’t make my stomach angry!  Seven miles down.

Tuesday.  I showed up at the track only to discover that a soccer game was on the schedule which meant we could not use the track.  I decided to head down to the river again and do the speed intervals on my own.  Another lady at the track heard my plans and asked to come with me.  Now there’s a good night!  I made a new friend and had company running those speed intervals.  And that girl was fast!  She inspired me.  At 58, she left me in the dust.  Speed intervals are just hard, whether at the track or on the scenic riverwalk, but we got ‘er done and there was a beautiful sunset waiting for us!  Five more miles done.img_1268Wednesday.  I ran with my intermediate group for a tempo run tonight.  My legs are feeling a bit tired so I just ran the 3 miles they had their schedule.

Thursday.  Up and out early before class to get in a hill workout.  It was nice and cool, perfect running weather.  I found a hill, got in some hill repeats for a total of 5 more miles.

Friday.  Rest day.  Strangely, I have to tell myself I cannot run today.  I’ve already logged 20 miles, and I know I do not need to run today, but the weather is just so perfect and runs this week have been amazing…Sometimes resting is harder than running.

Saturday.  Our 20 miler!  I love this run.  We start at one Fleet Feet store and run to the Fleet Feet store downtown, about 10 miles, and then img_1273return to the first store.  The route is fun, but the distance also makes me feel like I might actually be ready to run a marathon.  It’s hard to believe that this is our last really long training run.  The weather was great, and we set out at a nice easy pace.  I started to get tired somewhere around mile 17 or 18, but when the rest of my group picked up the pace at the end to finish in typical race fashion, I found the energy to drop the pace to 8:25 and finished strong.  This 20 mile run was definitely harder than last training season, which worries me on one hand but makes me glad on the other–worried because I’m afraid I won’t have what it takes to go another 10K and glad because it gives me the opportunity to work on my mental strength and to push through the fatigue.  Add another 20 miles to my weekly total.

And I did it!  My total running miles for the week equals 40!  I hit my goal, and it really wasn’t that bad.  In fact, it feels great!  Now begins the taper, where weekly mileage gradually decreases as our long runs decrease in length.  Race day is approaching!

My goals for next week:

  1.  Take it easy.  Next Saturday is the Tulsa Run, and I’m hoping for a 15K PR.
  2. Get in at least 30 miles.

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