Marathon #2: Week 18, the Last Week of Training!

Monday.  Well, here it is.  The final week of marathon training.  I find myself relieved on one hand, ready for a break, but on the other hand, it’s hard to believe we’re at the end.  But here we are, and it’s another Monday recovery run day.  I felt more tired than usual today.  I blame it on working Saturday night when the clocks went back.  While everyone else got a blissful extra hour of sleep, I got to work an extra hour.  (Can you hear the sarcasm dripping…because it is?)  That was a brutal shift.  Anywho, I came home from class, fell asleep on the couch, and woke up around 3:30 or 4:00 thinking I should get up and go for a run.  But the next thing I know, I’m waking up at almost 8:00 p.m to pitch black outside.  So much for running today, uh?

Tuesday.  I’m trying to take it easy in the gym this week, going lighter on the weights.  It’s hard, though, because I like lifting heavy weights!  I know it’s for the best, though.  I don’t want to over stress my body and make it do tons of recovery when a marathon is just around the corner.  Tonight is track night, but I’m deciding to forgo a speed workout this week.  Instead, I headed down to the river after class for a recovery run on a truly fall like day.  I love the cooler weather and the changing leaves.  What a great run!

img_1314Wednesday.  Leg day in class.  It was a relatively short workout since we had some other class activities on the agenda, and while I went super light on most exercises, I still went above body weight and deadlifted 125 pounds for 3 sets of 10 reps.  Don’t ask me why.  I was certainly feeling my hamstrings when I went out after class for a 7 mile tempo run–on a route with tons of hills.  Oy!  That was a tough run.

Thursday.  Another leg workout, since our workout yesterday was so short.  Again, I went super light on the weights, and this time stuck to that.  It’s so hard when I feel like I’m not challenging myself, and I know I can do so much more.  I keep reminding myself that on marathon day, my body will thank me for not pushing it.  One more time after class, I went out for a run.  Today’s run was a short 4 miles at whatever pace I felt comfortable, which ended up being tempo pace.  My legs felt pretty tired again.  I’m hoping I haven’t done too much in the gym even though I’ve tried to take it easy…

Friday.  Rest day!  Sunny decided a nap was a good idea, too, and that my foot would be good to cuddle with.

006Saturday.  Our last group training run.  I always have mixed feelings about this day.  I’m excited because it means training’s over and it’s race time; on the other hand, I love running with my group so much and after running with these folks every Saturday for the last almost 5 months, I’m going to miss seeing them.  It was a small group again today, just two of img_1317us and our coach.  We actually started with over 10 people in our group.  That’s our coach leaning his chin on my head, with all my post run crazy hair going on.  Our run was a short one, 8 miles, and we started out at tempo pace.  For some reason, I was struggling to keep up that pace today.  My legs felt a little tired, but I just felt like I really had to push to maintain that speed.  We slowed down a bit which helped (I HATE being the one that slows the group’s pace), but when I realized I’d only had yogurt for dinner about 13  hours before and a banana before I left the house, I didn’t feel so bad for struggling.  I think I was asking my body to run faster than it could on an empty tank.

So training’s over.  Eight days from today I’ll be at the starting line with 26.2 miles in front of me.  Am I ready?  Hmmm…I guess I’m about to find out.  Some days I think I am; other days I have my doubts, but now’s the time to just trust my training.  My goals for next week:

  1.  Rest!
  2.  Rest!
  3.  Rest!

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