Marathon #2: Week 19, Taper and Race Week!

Holy cow!  It’s finally here.  Race week!

Monday.  Taper week.  This week is really all about resting and recovery.  We won’t be doing any big runs; I won’t be working out in the gym.  I’ll just be eating carbs, sleeping, and letting my body repair muscles so I’ll be ready to run…(drum roll, please)…26.2 big ones!  So a quiet day besides some rolling and stretching.  My one activity was stopping at Goodwill to pick up a jacket to wear at the beginning of the race.  The weather looks to be fairly mild, but with lows in the upper 30’s to low 40’s, I know I’ll be cold at the start of the race, but with highs forecast to be around 60 degrees, I know I won’t be cold for very long.  My solution is to pick up a cheap jacket, discard it at the side of the road when I get too warm so it can be donated once again.  I also picked up a couple of pairs of cheapy gloves.  You know, those thin ones that come 2 in a pack for $1.50?  I’ll just layer up gloves and shed them as my hands warm up.

img_1316 Tuesday.  I get to go for a run today!  A slow, short one, but I get to run!  I’ve been having some tightness to the point of pain in my right calf that has me a little worried, but I took some ibuprofen and hit the road.  Boy, did that feel good.  I kind of wanted to keep going.  Four miles is just a warm-up, but I reminded myself I’ve got 26 miles to run in one whack coming up.  Patience, girl.  And my Accel gel came today, so I’ve got all the nutrition that I need for the race.img_1323Wednesday.  More rest.  I’m starting to get a bit stir crazy.  Not working out and limited running is getting to me.  But my calf is still angry, so hopefully, extended rest will have me in tip top shape by Sunday.  More rolling and stretching happened again.

Thursday.  Okay, it’s official.  I’m cranky.  I NEED a run or to throw some weights around or something.  I’ve had enough of this rest!  Let’s DO something! That was my attitude in class this morning, so I was really looking forward to my last slow 3 mile run this afternoon, but my calf hurt the entire time, it was hot, and I struggled to run those 3 miles.  It was a most unsatisfying and disappointing run.  What if I’m not ready to run another marathon?

Friday.  I got in a little nap when I got home from work, and then went to my chiropractor appointment for one last tweakimg_1322.  My psoas issue is much better, and he taped up my leg, hoping that would help the tightness along with all the rolling and stretching I’ve been img_1324doing.  I picked up some more mustard packets on my way home, so I think I have all my supplies.  Now it’s just to figure out how to carry it all.

It’s been a tough week, which sounds silly since all I’ve done is rest, but I’m not used to all this inactivity.  I’m looking forward to the weekend and the race.  Stay tuned for details of my race preparation!



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