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I started running in October 2013 by simply running.  I got a pair of running shoes and hit the road.  I didn’t know about running gear, moisture wicking clothes, Body Glide, headbands…all things that I find essential to a good run now.  Funny how that works, right?  But after being blinded by sweat in the eyes and cotton T-shirts vacuum stuck to the torso after a hot run, I learned that there are products out there to make running so much more comfortable.

So over the years I’ve developed a preference for certain types of running clothing, shoes, socks, headbands, phone holders, running belts, and water bottles.  But one thing that I was still searching for was wireless earbuds.

As my runs and races got longer the flapping wire of my earbuds plugged into my phone really got on my nerves.  I’d get tangled in the wire and yank a bud out of my ear or the wire would catch on something and just tug at the bud.  And the set of earbuds that I was using would slide out of my ears when the sweat started pouring.  I was constantly readjusting my earbuds.  I love listening to music when I run, but my earbud issues made the whole listening to music thing a little less enjoyable.  Am I the only one that’s ever had these issues?

So one of my goals as I was preparing for my last marathon was to find a remedy to this problem.  I asked my running buddies about wireless earbuds.  Had they used them?  What kind did they use?  What did they like or not like about them?  And I read reviews of various brands of wireless earbuds on Amazon.  I actually find that a very helpful way to decide if a purchase would be a wise one for me.  I generally find that if a product has been reviewed many times, if there’s an issue, it will come up consistently in the reviews.

That was certainly true for wireless earbuds.  I had narrowed down my img_1383list to somewhere around 3 or 4 based on price and an internet search and comparison.  But after reading the reviews, I decided to go with JBL Bluetooth Wireless Headphones…and I couldn’t be happier!  They made my last marathon even better!

This is what I like about my JBLs:

  1.  They are very light weight.  Sometimes I forget that I have them in.
  2.  The sound quality is great.  My music comes though clear as a bell.
  3.  The earbuds are comfortable.  My old buds made my ears hurt after a long run.  That’s never been a problem with my JBLs, even after a marathon.
  4.  They stay put.  The earbuds come with “wings” that hold the earbuds in place.  I’ve worn these earphones in super windy weather, through img_1387miserably hot runs where I produced enough sweat to water my lawn, and through a marathon, and I never had to readjust them even once.
  5.  They keep a charge.  I can run for a week with only one charge of my earphones.  I think I remember reading that these earphones hold a charge for about 8 hours.
  6. They were not super expensive.  I was looking for a quality product that wouldn’t cost me an arm and a leg.  These were in the mid-range at about $100 and have been worth every penny to me.
  7. They don’t block out all the sound.  This may be a negative to some people, but as a city runner where I need to constantly be aware of traffic and my surroundings, I like that I can have both earbuds in and still hear a car coming behind me (true, I keep my music low enough to allow the other noises to come through purposefully).  And when I’m running with a group, I can still participate in the conversation.  It’s the best of both worlds for me.

Is there anything I don’t like about my JBLs, you ask?  Not really!  The only kind of negative thing to me is that the earphones stick out from my ears a good bit.  That’s such a minor thing, though, that with all the img_1381positives I pop them in and quite literally forget about them.  The protrusion from my ears only bothers me if I look at myself in the mirror and that’s the last thing I’m doing during a run!  And as  you can tell by this photo, I’m not terribly concerned about looks during a run!

I also don’t know about range.  I only use them when I’m running, and since I always have my phone on me when I’m running, range has never been a problem.

So if you’re looking for wireless headphones, I give these a hearty thumbs up!  I love running with them.  And no, nobody’s paying me for my opinion :).

Talk to me:

Do you like to run or exercise with music?

How do you listen to music when you’re on the move?

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