A Single’s Take on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can be an uncomfortable day for me, as I think it can be for most single folks.  When a day is geared towards romantic love and relationships, and you’re single, like me, where does that leave you?  At home, alone, feeling depressed because apparently I’m so ugly and unlovable that nobody wants to be with me?  Seriously, I used to feel that way.  And sometimes, I still wonder what it would be like to be with someone who was totally enamored with me on Valentine’s Day.

But dwelling on those thoughts is really what makes me miserable, not being single.  It’s desiring what I don’t have instead of treasuring what I do have that makes me unhappy.  And what I do have is abundant!

  1. I have family and friends who love me, not in a romantic type of way, but in that comfortable kind of no matter what happens we’ll still be there for you kind of way.  That’s a priceless gift!
  2. I have an entire evening free on Valentine’s night.  I can either choose to lay around home and mope, or I can babysit for a couple so they can continue on with the hard work of making a relationship work.  Time is a beautiful gift.  I want to use it well.
  3. I have a relationship with a God who is enamored with me.  It’s always humbling when I remember that the God of the universe delights in me, that he chose me to be his daughter, that he wants to spend time with me, that his love for me is so strong he let his son die for me.  Just sayin’…no human relationship can match that!

I’m not saying I always do a good job at keeping this perspective.  It’s still hard to be alone on a day that celebrates romance and relationships, even though I’m content being single.  But I’m learning that joy is a choice.  So instead of joining the ranks of single folk sporting black hearts in defiance of Valentine’s Day, I hope this year I can truly celebrate the fact that my friends and family have found the love of their lives and look for ways I can cheer them on in their chosen path of life.

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How will you spend Valentine’s Day this year?

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