The Search for Healthy Pumpkin Bread

With the first hints of fall, my taste buds start to crave pumpkin bread.

And it’s that time of year.  In typical Oklahoma fashion, day time temperatures are still reaching 80 degrees but mornings have a bit of a bite and the wreath by my front door reminds me during the warm afternoons that it’s fall.  Perfect running weather–but I’m trying not to think about that since running is a banned activity for me at the moment.

But it’s also perfect for visiting pumpkin patches!  I got to visit a local pumpkin patch with my sister-in-law, my niece and her Happy Hands class.  This picture of Candice cracks me up!  She didn’t want to pet the goats because she found them just a tad too pungent!But I digress.  Pumpkin bread…and is it possible to make it healthy?

With my foray into clean eating, I didn’t want to make my usual pumpkin bread, which, by the way, is delicious but filled with things I don’t want to put into my body.  But thanks to Google and food bloggers, I’ve discovered there are tons of clean eating recipes out there, even for some of my favorite foods, like pumpkin bread.

I decided to try this recipe for Healthy Flourless Pumpkin Bread from the Bakermama.

The ingredient list was simple.  I had everything on hand.  Not pictured is baking soda. (Please note that I am not endorsing any particular brand.  This was just what I had on hand.)Mixing it up was as easy as placing everything in the blender and hitting start.  I did have to keep scraping the sides of the blender container because my blender is a bit of a weenie and unmixed batter kept clinging to the sides.The baked loaf looked pretty much like a typical loaf of pumpkin bread.Sliced, it held its shape well.So, you ask, how was it?

What I liked about this recipe:

  1.  It has a simple, healthy ingredient list.  It used common things that most people have on hand.  And while I can’t say that maple syrup is “healthy”, after all sugar is sugar, it is way less processed that white or brown sugar and the entire loaf only has 1/2 cup of syrup.
  2. It wasn’t too sweet.  As I’ve slowly tried to wean sugar out of my diet, I find that I have less and less tolerance for sweetness.  This bread was just right in the sweetness department.
  3. It’s moist.  I don’t like dry “fruit” breads, like banana or pumpkin bread.  I liked that this recipe made a wonderfully moist loaf of bread.
  4. It’s easy to make.  It’s a short ingredient list, uses only a blender for mixing, and bakes in about 30 minutes.  Easy peasy.
  5. I can eat a slice and know that I’m not sabotaging my commitment to clean eating.  I love having my cake, or in this case, pumpkin bread, and eating it too!  This recipe does that for me.

The only downside to this recipe, for me, was that the bread was heavy.  If you’ve ever had baked oatmeal, you’ll know what I mean.  I kind of felt like I was eating baked oatmeal.  And while I love baked oatmeal, I was hoping for something a bit lighter in a pumpkin bread.  The taste was absolutely yummy, but the denseness was a bit disappointing.

So will I make it again?  I’ll definitely keep this recipe bookmarked.  I usually try a new recipe a few times before I decide not to use it anymore.  I may have made a mistake in putting it together that caused it to feel heavy.  Maybe I didn’t blend it long enough?  I loved the flavor and the healthfulness of it, but it wasn’t quite what I had in mind so I’ll also keep trying other recipes.

And thanks to all the clean eating food bloggers who take the time to create yummy recipes that use wholesome ingredients I’ve got tons of recipes to choose from!

Talk to me:

What’s your favorite fall food?

What’s your favorite pumpkin recipe?





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2 thoughts on “The Search for Healthy Pumpkin Bread”

  1. I love pumpkin oatmeal!!

    1/2C oats
    1/4C pumpkin
    1 scoop vanilla whey protein concentrate
    Cinnamon, to taste.

    Cook the oats like you normally do then add the rest after. Easy peasy!

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