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So recovery continues as I wait for my body to heal.  It’s a slow, rather torturous process, this business of just waiting.  And it’s getting even harder as I feel better.  I feel like I could run and do the things I love to do, but feeling better doesn’t necessarily mean healing is complete.  So…I wait.  Next week is my follow-up appointment.  Fingers crossed, I’ll get to add in at least some activity!

Today I thought I’d take you through another workout I did at home.  I did a circuit of 4 different exercises, 2 chest exercises and 2 back exercises, going through the circuit 3 times, and finishing with some calf raises.

I started with 15 push-ups.  Believe me, I was doing 2-3 push-ups at a time towards the end of my second set of 15 and into the third set!With no rest, I flipped onto my back and did 20 dumbbell hex presses.  This picture is not a good angle, but I’m pressing 2 dumbbells together over my chest and then pushing them up so that my arms are fully extended.Then I went into 20 rows with a resistance band.As you can see, working out at home sometimes requires a bit of creativity!  I used the couch leg to anchor my bands and 2 bands to add more resistance.  I’m learning to love resistance bands.  There’s so much you can do with them.  Plus, they give a great workout!The last back exercise was back extension.  I anchor my feet against a wall, and I like to hold a weight to make the exercise just a bit harder.At the completion of the circuit, I rested for about a minute before starting the next round.

When I completed the circuit 3 times, I did 3-way calf raises, 25 reps each way.  I started with my toes pointed forward.On the next set of 25 reps, my toes were pointed out.For the last 25 reps, my toes were pointed toward the middle.  Whoa!  Changing the position of your toes takes the burn all the way up to the booty!

So another short and simple workout but it got me sweating!

Talk to me:

What’s your workout for today?

What’s your favorite workout gadget or piece of equipment?

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