Post-Injury Running

So this happened last week:After 3.5 months, I finally ran 3 consecutive miles without stopping…and it felt great!

Knowing when and how much activity to add back in while recovering from an injury is hard for me.  I find myself just wanting to jump back in to my former level of activity, but after missing a whole season of training, I know I need to be cautious and go slowly.  And there’s no set formula, at least that I know of, that lays out exactly how to return to a former level of running.

So I’m kind of winging it.  I found this guide that’s been helpful.  And I’m following the rule of “if it hurts, stop.”  Since I was fit going in to an injury, I decided 3 miles at a whack would be a good starting distance.  But I also know that after such an extended time away from running, I’ve lost fitness and muscle strength.  What that means is I physically won’t be able to run my previous pace and distance for a while. For my early runs, I set a pace of 5 miles/hour (12 minutes a mile) which is 2 minutes slower than my last marathon pace.  Maybe I’m being overly cautious, but speed bothered my wonky hip flexor so I’d rather go too slow than to re-injure myself.

I started with 5 minutes of running followed by 5 minutes of walking on a treadmill to ease impact on a fragile hip flexor and then just gradually increased my run time while decreasing my walk time.  And finally last week  I ran 3 slow miles without a break…and no pain!  I was insanely happy!

My goal is to run 3 miles 3 times a week.  When I can do that without pain, I’d like to work myself up to about 20 miles a week before beginning to work on speed.  I was hoping to be ready to begin training again in January, but I’m trying to just be patient and focus on getting stronger.  Races will always be there; I want to make sure I’m healthy to run them.  But goodness, it’s hard to wait!

Talk to me:

What goal are you working towards currently?

Treadmill–like them or hate them?


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